Smart and sustainable offices

An office that proactively responds to usage and the environment. Smart and sustainable, the future of today.

Our hardware-independent platform is designed to make all installations in the building visible and save maximum energy on lighting and climate. Our platform presents an interactive floor plan showing the occupancy of the building and indicating the location of mobile devices and amenities in the building.

Through the use of alerts and analysis of data within buildings, we generate information that optimizes installations and maintenance.

Significant total energy savings of up to 65% for office.

You obtain optimal interaction with the environment to achieve maximum energy savings by means proactive rules. For example, switching on and off automatically, dimming of lighting in spaces that are unoccupied, or you can proactively adapt the climate to unexpected reduced activity throughout the whole year. Our platform can easily be expanded with unlimited functionalities, for example:

  • Elimination of no-show booking of meeting spaces
  • Healthy work environments
  • Monitoring of workstation use
  • Walking route monitoring

Want to know more about our smart sensors, apps and real-time alayses?

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