Re-opening after COVID-19 and the new normal



Most of us are currently working from home, but we can not wait to go back to our offices, schools, industry and use public transport. The one million dollar question is: HOW?

Experts are sure that the answer to this question may not be valid only for the re-opening but that this way of working is going to be the new normal. Before the crisis for example offices had a low occupancy levels of 40%-50% on average, and spaces were as well not optimally used. Everybody was working hard on getting data to maximize the usage of the buildings to increase profitability and comfortable areas.

The last period of time have changed the priorities almost everyone reacted properly and we now find comfortable to work remotely, but what is going to happen after this crisis?

These are the 3 most important things that will change in the real estate market and transport infrastructure after COVID-19:
  1. Employees working 2-3 days per week at the office with a social distance of 1,5 m with 1 way walking routes.
  2. Companies ensuring healthy, safe and flexible workplaces with help of desk sharing and accurate occupancy and environment data
  3. Monitoring social distancing at pick hours and flow in metro stations by areas with lots of people moving at the same time.

Combining data like occupancy, temperature and CO2, it is possible to create heat maps and automatic/smart alerts. This will show how many people are in the building, how do they use meeting rooms and where the concentration spots are, to re-focus cleaning services.

It is now more important than ever that buildings provide the necessary data to ensure healthy areas and give the necessary information to rethink routes and design of spaces.

There are multiple ways to achieve this level of insights accuracy AND with the right approach all the technology necessary is free. Theis all can be paid back by energy savings on lighting and climate installations and as simple to implement as an upgrade in your smartphone.

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