Our solutions for the education sector


ENAPPGY’s solutions allow for continuous monitoring of climate conditions, user movement, and space usage in existing educational buildings. This data is important for both safety and optimization, and allows for continuous building optimization, including monitoring of temperature, CO2 levels, and ventilation.

Universities, capital intensive real estate

Universities face a growing number of students, but their buildings lack flexibility and are expensive to convert or construct. Efficient space use can help reduce construction costs, which can be around €3,000 per m2, and benefit the environment, finances, and education. Experts estimate a potential 10% optimization, which can result in equivalent cost reductions.


Identifying concentrations of people and their movement via sensors enables you to detect notable movement and/or temperature increases. Security or emergency response teams – such as those found at universities – can then observe extraordinary situations on-screen. An algorithm could provide additional clarity (unexpected collective movements) to help narrow down the location of an emergency situation. Sensors can also effectively locate fires based on temperature increases. Time is of the essence in such scenarios.