Our smart solutions for logistics and industry


Turnkey projects that combine extreme energy efficiency with IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

Our network of sensors is integrated into LED lighting and can easily be expanded with unlimited functionalities. The application of proactive control and analysis of building data enables us to generate information that provides an insight into the savings and operational efficiency that can be achieved, for example:

  • Remote monitoring of machinery to prevent costly malfunctions
  • Asset tracking of valuable products or assets for optimisation of use
  • Prepare more efficient schedules to optimise routes and save energy by clustering spaces that are in use.
  • Stay up to date with actual use of (storage) space throughout the entire building
  • Monitoring of valuable assets to prevent theft
  • Centralisation of all systems in a single platform
  • Reduction of production line downtime
  • Identification of costly leaks
  • Save on heating costs through proactive monitoring of spaces being used in the building
  • Guarantee perfect storage conditions for your clients’ products and generate new revenue streams by giving your clients access to this information
  • Anti-collision alerts for forklift trucks

Integral project unburdening

ENAPPGY provides you with full project support, for example:

  • Full service, from design to installation and customised apps to meet your information needs
  • Meet relevant standards, comply with regulations and report on compliance
  • Easy to connect to other systems, such as a Building Management System, to create a genuinely smart, energy-efficient and manageable building
  • Support service for fine-tuning and management after project completion