Make all installations of your building universally visible.

By using remote monitoring of your buildings, you can not only optimize the energy performance of your buildings but also save costs and increase the efficiency of your operations.


Improves comfort

Our monitoring tool centralizes critical building data and improves performance and comfort. It can be quickly installed and monitoring can start within a few hours.

  • Energy management: LITE can help you monitor and analyze the energy consumption of your building. This can help you reduce energy costs and simultaneously decrease CO2 emissions.
  • Maintenance management: LITE can also be used to monitor the performance of critical installations such as HVAC systems and elevators. By collecting and analyzing this data, problems can be detected before they become larger issues.
  • Compliance: LITE can also assist in complying with regulations related to energy and the environment. By collecting data on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a building, you can gain insight into your current situation and take measures to comply with local and national laws and regulations.

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Buildings SDG-compilant

A SDG report provides insight into your contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Automating this report can help identify relevant goals and contribute to improving your business reputation and environmental impact.


  • Optimize operations to save company resources.
  • Lead to cost savings, improved operational efficiency, better reputation and brand image, and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Take a look at what we did for Schneider Electric

We achieved an 89% savings on energy, with a payback time of 2,5 years, for Schneider Electric. We did this by optimising both lighting and climate control installations. Read the case study

Want to become sustainable quickly? LITE is your first step.

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