A network of smart sensors integrated with LED lighting

The highest returns on a low-cost investment, save over 90% on your lighting energy consumption with an average payback term of <4 years.

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Improves comfort

An LED lighting upgrade offers numerous options. After all, lighting is only becoming more energy efficient, with the best products maintaining their performance levels over a long period of use. In addition, these products come with a variety of options in terms of settings. The most important points to consider are listed below (source: CBRE):

  • The guaranteed level of illumination: Illuminance requirements are specified in NBN EN 12464-1 (indoors) and 12464-2 (outdoors)
  • Consistency of illuminance: actual level of illumination in spaces
  • The direction of light: Important for differentiating volumes and shapes
  • Colour rendering: LED offers a wide range of colour variation and sometimes even dynamic lighting solutions (Human Centric Lighting)
  • Future perspectives: Beyond lighting infrastructure, lighting is an optimal means of digitising your building and collecting data to help improve primary processes.

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Energy savings of up to 90%

The combination of LED lighting and smart sensors offers maximum energy savings (up to 90%). The addition of wireless switches means anyone can dim and adapt lighting in specific spaces, such as meeting rooms, for comfort. In addition, the system automatically learns about environmental conditions such as floorspace, daylight interaction, type of activities, and dimming speed requirements to achieve maximum returns on your lighting installation.

Enappgy smart lighting solutions require a minimal investment with a short payback term of 3 to 4 years on average.


Take a look at what we did for Schneider Electric

We achieved an 89% savings on energy, with a payback time of 2,5 years, for Schneider Electric. We did this by optimising both lighting and climate control installations. Read the case study

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