Proactive, real-time control of all energy points in your building

Maximum energy efficiency for the building with a payback time of circa 6 months.

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No more excel spreadsheets and inexplicable energy bills.

A network of sensors in the ceiling doesn’t just improve comfort via lighting – a simple expansion of the system can provide you with full oversight of all the energy consumption points in your building (electricity, airconditioning, gas, CO2, water, machinery etc).

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets!

In addition, you can create smart alerts and set parameters to prevent costly malfunctions. Not only does this ensure a comfortable work environment, it also optimises production processes.

How would a 20% reduction in unforeseen downtime benefit your organisation?


Have a look at what we did for Reginox

We installed future-proof sensors for Reginox. While these only control the lighting at present, the system can easily be expanded with more features.
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Want to become sustainable quickly? Smart lighting is the first step.

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