Immediate insight into installation deviations.

With PRO, you can detect deviations in your installations in a timely manner and it offers efficient energy management based on building data, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify deviations.

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The ideal tool for all maintenance companies.

With PRO, you have access to a clear alerts dashboard that allows you to monitor all alarms and filter them by status, severity, and type of alert, including email or SMS notifications and configured contacts. PRO centralizes critical environmental and process data, leading to lower building operation maintenance costs and a complete overview of all energy consumers in your building. Reduce unplanned downtime by 20% and discover what else your organization can do with that extra time.

Goodbye Excel sheets!


Have a look at what we did for Reginox

We have integrated future-proof multisensors into our platform for Reginox, which are currently being used for monitoring lighting and building utilization, but can easily be expanded with multiple functions in the future.

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Want to automatize your maintenance services quickly? PRO is your ideal tool.

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