Measure the actual energy performance of your installations.

ENTERPRISE allows you to analyze multiple different values at the same time.

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Discover and monitor the critical data points in your installation.

ENTERPRISE offers all the functionalities of LITE and PRO, allowing users to analyze 2-3 different values simultaneously in one view to maximize building performance. With the admin tool, users can add new values, set bandwidths, and define their own rules to analyze the right combination of data per building. ENTERPRISE identifies exceedances and abnormal behavior in the installations so that they can be adjusted, and also helps building managers and advisors to provide new services based on real-time insights.


Insights modules

The insights modules of ENAPPGY make your business future-proof, there are several ways to help optimize your primary processes and various issues, such as:

  • Occupancy analysis
  • Asset tracking
  • Climate control
  • Emergency lighting

An integration of lighting, climate, and occupancy.

ENAPPGY has achieved a complete software integration, resulting in significant energy savings.

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