Sustainability as a means of creating a smart building

A network of sensors integrated with LED lighting enables data communication with unlimited possibilities, such as: track & trace for forklifts/products or measuring occupancy levels.


A wireless digital ceiling with unlimited possibilities.

A wireless digital ceiling with unlimited possibilities.
The digital ceiling regulates more than just the lighting and climate.

A network of sensors facilitates strong communication through a unique wireless connection within the building. You select the functionalities you want from a menu of options, which means you can expand the functionalities at any time or make adjustments based on current needs.

Logistics processes can thus be improved, and spaces organised optimally. Additional benefits include the ability to identify and locate required resources such as wheelchairs and valuable items.


Apps facilitate future-proofing

ENNAPGY solutions makes your business future-proof, with various ways of helping to optimise your primary processes and manage various issues, such as:

  • No-show bookings
  • COVID-proof work environment
  • Colleague finding
  • Product/pallet tracking
  • Anti-collision alerts
  • Anti-theft alerts
  • Predictive maintenance

Full integration for Ymere, have a look at what we did.

ENNAPGY equipped Ymere’s office blocks with smart sensors, resulting in significant energy savings. Read the case study