Significant energy savings for Ymere




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The office sector in the Netherlands is obliged to have an energy rating of C. There are various sustainable strategies for achieving this, which can cause confusion for owners and users. After numerous studies and comparisons between double glazing, insulation and boilers, adapting the lighting is often the simplest way to achieve sustainability goals.

Our client Ymere is a sustainable housing corporation and is always looking for ways of completing their projects in a more sustainable way. Naturally, the same applies to their own buildings.

Source: RVO Energiebesparingsverkenner

Ymere’s sustainability solution paid for itself in full

A year after implementation, a check of the electrical installations showed that Ymere’s head office in Amsterdam had achieved an average savings of 34% in respect of the building’s total energy consumption. Not only does this have a beneficial effect on the environment, but on the building’s cashflow too, because this project paid for itself in full thanks to the accurately predicted energy savings.

However… this is just the first step.

Like the rest of the market, Ymere is seeking to utilise the surface area of its entire portfolio efficiently, now and post-corona of course, and to guarantee a safe working environment.

Using the available data (such as occupancy levels, workstation count and asset tracking), Ymere can respond proactively and utilise the building optimally, now and post-corona.

Sustainable, smart and with costs covered by the savings achieved, this is only possible with an integral solution.

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