Preventing costly malfunctions for production companies




PRO - Smart Alerts


Unexpected downtime, reactive maintenance and costly malfunctions are the 3 biggest challenges to companies’ production lines in the Netherlands. The market is highly competitive and overhead costs cannot be avoided. A small improvement on the production line can have a big impact on cash flow. It is therefore crucial for companies to gain an insight into their processes so they can work more efficiently and position themselves as leaders in the market.There is no differance for our client Reginox in the Netherlands.

Reginox focuses on delivering the highest quality in the most efficient way. With a surface area of 35,000 square metres, Reginox has multiple production processes running simultaneously.

Smart Energy Level

The objective of this project is to monitor a production line of over 40 machines and to prevent malfunctions thanks in part to this. According to Owner-Director Wim ter Steege, this company’s head office and production halls have now become a ‘gadget’.

The system is now ready to be expanded universally. So that gas, water, solar panels and ventilation systems can easily be mapped by means of a software upgrade.

The technology required to do this pays for itself thanks to the energy savings on lighting. A total of no less than 427,101 kWh in the first few months!