We help companies and organisations become more sustainable in the smartest way

Maximise energy savings in your commercial buildings and at the same time, use apps to improve your organisation’s primary processes.

Climate change is a challenging reality. The real estate market is responsible for over 50% of CO2 emissions. A large proportion of these emissions can be eliminated through smarter management of building resources.

Sustainability alone is no longer enough to get the whole market moving. What if your organisation’s primary processes could also be improved by making your building more sustainable?

We help you achieve a completely sustainable and smart work environment.

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ENAPPGY facilitates energy-efficient commercial real estate using Internet of Things technology. This way, each company achieves maximum energy efficiency first, and is then provided with unique insights into primary processes in order to become future-proof.​

Our solution guarantees a smart building in three easy steps. Not just by making maximum energy savings, but also by creating a digital ceiling. We install a unique network of wireless communication points that are connected to the building. In addition to significant energy savings, our network of sensors processes data with unlimited possibilities, such as:

  • Occupancy level analysis
  • Emergency situation monitoring
  • Integration of climate control installations
  • Room booking integration
  • Access control integration
  • Universal energy monitoring

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