Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Energy efficient & smart commercial real estate

Three simple steps to make your building smart and sustainable.

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Energy Intelligence


Average total energy savings

<4 years

Payback period

Towards energy efficiency


Maximum energy savings

Enappgy integrates the latest technologies into your building by means of a flexible, open, scalable and future-proof software platform.

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Process optimisation through use of data

Thanks to our integral approach, it is possible to provide data and insights in real-time. We make your business future-proof.

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Smart lighting

A network of smart sensors integrated with LED lighting

  • The highest returns on a low-cost investment,
  • Save over 90% on your lighting energy consumption with an average payback term of <4 years.
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Smart energy

The network of sensors enables proactive and multifunctional monitoring. By controlling energy points, temperature, humidity, energy, water, gas and CO2 levels are made real-time on the use.

  • Building management system integration
  • Insightful stand alone of energy users throughout the building
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Smart buildings

A smart building is determined by you. We provide a flexible, secure and scalable infrastructure to add various functionalities. With the lowest total cost of ownership and no vendor lock-in. This helps you to increase the productivity of your organization.

  • Asset tracking: Logistics, Anti-collision solutions, product / asset usage monitoring and anti-theft
  • Occupancy rate: COVID-19 proof, optimal use of space, room booking integration
  • Predictive maintenance: machines, air conditioning and solar panels analytics
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“We opted for Enappgy’s system. You benefit from maximum energy savings and subsequently gain important insights. We thus have a source of information for the future. In addition, it is an impressive gadget.”

Wim ter Steege,, Owner-Director of Reginox View case





Energy savings

Thanks to a wireless network of sensors

Added value through energy optimization

We integrate sustainable and smart building techniques to make your building future-proof. The best approach may be unclear, we are happy to help.


Our integral approach guarantees maximum energy savings and a future-proof building.