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Optimize your real estate today by automating and managing DSG and performance data for smart, sustainable, and profitable buildings.

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Energy Intelligence


Total average energy savings through lighting and climate optimizations.

<4 years

Payback period including implementation, hardware, and software.

On your way to maximum real estate energy performance.


Maximum energy savings

ENAPPGY integrates the installations and hardware in your building through a flexible, open, scalable software platform. Find out more

Much more than just energy savings

Thanks to our software modules, you can gain real-time insight into your building installations at your own pace, making your business future-proof. Find out more


LITE – ESG proof

With LITE, you can monitor the entire building, including energy consumption, climate systems, equipment, and other critical installations in just a few hours. This provides insight into previously invisible areas of your portfolio, enabling you to improve building performance and comfort, and centralize environmental and process data.

  • Low investment with a quick payback period.
  • Make your business ESG-compliant in a few hours.
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PRO – Smart Alerts

With PRO, you manage your energy consumption more efficiently by setting up smart alarms based on all available building data, and identifying patterns in your installations to gain more control over your energy costs.

  • Proactive and configurable alerts.
  •  Easy Building Management System (BMS) integration.
  • Benchmarking of multiple buildings and tenants.
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Enterprise – Data cross-reference

With ENTERPRISE, you can easily monitor and optimize the performance of your installations. This module allows you to analyze multiple values at the same time in one graph. This enables you to maximize the energy performance of your building and save costs on maintenance and energy consumption.

  • Benchmarking of multiple types of data from your installations.
  • Benchmarking of multiple buildings.
  • Access to Insights data modules.
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“We opted for Enappgy’s system. You benefit from maximum energy savings and subsequently gain important insights. We thus have a source of information for the future. In addition, it is an impressive gadget.”

Wim ter Steege,, Owner-Director of Reginox View case





Energy savings

Thanks to a wireless network of sensors

Building optimizations through data.

By collecting and analyzing relevant information, you can improve your building performance and optimize your energy consumption. The best smart building strategy may be unclear, but the risks and limitations in the short and long term can be avoided. We are happy to help you:


Our integral approach guarantees maximum energy savings and a future-proof building.